How Square Infosoft Values Feedback for the Empowerment of Innovation

Square Infosoft is a reliable provider of premier mobile app development solutions to SMEs since 2018. Our mission is to arm our clients with the skills, tools, and resources they need to build groundbreaking mobile applications. A team of seasoned professionals committed to improving the digital experience space, we make sure that our partners’ voices are heard when it comes to the quality that they receive.

Feedback is essential to delivering fail-safe solutions. At Square Infosoft, we value the words of our clients and utilize them into crafting better experiences as we grow in this space. As such, we’re always delighted whenever we receive new ratings and reviews from our clients.

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Take a look at the our newest reviews on our B2B catalog:

“Square Infosoft is a bright team, and they have a can-do attitude. Their resources are positive, and the services are extremely competitive from a cost perspective. More importantly, they deliver quality code. Overall, we’ve had a great experience with them. — Sean Calilly, CEO, Idva Media

“They were very quick to pick up on the UX elements. There were some specifics around charting that the team got right away.” — Sandeep Earayil, Investor, Trotter Analytics

“Their ability to pretty much do whatever we need regarding new features we want to add to the app was impressive.” — Kreg Thornley, Marketing Director, Alchemy_Spetec

We truly appreciate the kind words from our partners. Not only do they help us in polishing the rough edges of our work, but they also highlight the capabilities of our team members. For more information about our offerings, be sure to check out our reviews. Additionally, we’re among the leading developers on Top Design Firms, the newest B2B listing resource from the creators of Clutch.

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Looking Back at Square Infosoft’s 2021 Journey

In today’s day and age, the impact of mobile phones and technology on our lives is undeniable. It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without using our mobile devices because of the conveniences they bring. We at Square Infosoft, vow to deliver cutting-edge mobile solutions and experiences for our invaluable clients.

It’s because of their support that we’re here today to take a look at our 2021 Clutch Year In Review!

Square Infosoft Mobile App Development iOS App Development Android App DevelopmentOur reviews, which feature stellar ratings, take a deeper dive into our vast experience working on different mobile solutions. Whether it’s iOS or Android development, you can see how much our team knows when it comes to applications. 

When leaving a review, clients are asked to rate their experience with a vendor on five different metrics — one of those is the NPS score which refers to their willingness to recommend the service providers to other potential clients. 

We’re genuinely proud to receive high NPS ratings for our clients. It’s because of their incredible support that we’ve been recognized as one of the leading iOS app developers on Clutch last 2021!

To be given recognition thanks to our clients’ appreciation and success speaks volumes. The entire Square Infosoft is thankful for everyone who helped make this possible. We are excited to take on a new year with you.

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Square Infosoft Records A New 5-Star Rated Review On Clutch

Today, mobile apps have changed the way we perform business and mobile app development has become an essential part of an online business. Such apps have helped customers to get business details quicker and simultaneously stay connected and updated with their favorite brands and offers. Apps are necessary for growing the business reach while delivering relevant and massive exposure to the brand. Being a business owner, it’s imperative that you consider developing a mobile app for your business as this will help tremendously in the long run.

Here at Square Infosoft, tell us where you want to go, whether it’s an ambitious growth target or a groundbreaking idea, and we will implement the strategy that will take you there. It is our vision to digitize people’s lives by crafting various software products and enable them to grow more with the help of technology.

To substantiate our claims, we recently received our newest 5-star rated review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. For further context, Clutch is hugely respected within the B2B space for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with service providers that fit their needs.

In one of our projects, an IT company reached out to us for a cross-platform mobile app development that will integrate with a backend ERP system. We also provided assistance, advice, and guidance in navigating the App and Play Stores. Here’s what they had to say about working with us:

Every date I have been given has been met or improved upon, communication is always prompt and any queries are answered quickly.” — Director, IT Company

It’s always a pleasant feeling receiving such wonderful feedback from our clients. It’s always a pleasure working with people who trust our capabilities in making their projects into a success. In addition to this amazing review, we are also featured on Top Design Firms, Clutch’s sister site. A top resource for buyers, Top Design Firms’ 2021 app development directory highlighted us among India’s leading mobile app development companies.

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